Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Corner Geass: Lelouch of Saskatchewan

Corner Geass: Lelouch of Saskatchewan

As soon as I had the idea to combine Corner Gas and Code Geass, I knew I was onto something.

Corner Geass: Lelouch of Saskatchewan is set in a futuristic Canada, renamed Area 11 by the occupying Brittanian Empire. Lelouch Leroy, exiled son of the Emperor of Brittania, was forced to flee as a child to Canada after his mother's assassination. He soon found himself in Dog River, Saskatchewan, where he opened a gas station. Lelouch's life changed when a mysterious girl named C.C. Dollard granted him Geass - the absolute power to spot shirts that look really good. Along with the other residents of Dog River - like the dopey, unemployed Suzaku Yarbo (son of the last Canadian prime minister, Genbu Yarbo) and Shirley Burrows, who runs the diner next door - Lelouch divides his time between pumping gas, attending the Britannian private school Ashford Academy, bantering with his friends and customers, and assuming an alter ego named Zero to fight the Britannian Empire and restore freedom to Canada.



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